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          Q. Is possible to install the WinAppLIVE product without IIS ?             
. It is not possible, since the administration console is 100% Web.

          Q. What is IIS ?

             A. IIS (Internet Information Server) is a native component of Microsoft Windows.

          Q. How to install IIS ?

             A. Click on the following link and you will find a guide. Guide for IIS installing

          Q. How do you install the Adobe Flash Player ?

             A. Click on the following icon and you will access the latest available version
          Q. Under environments that can be installed this product ?
. it can be installed on an standalone pc or in a work group or a windows domain

          Q. What difference has the facility on a work group and a windows domain ?
. About domains windows can be automated loading and user computers,
                 In the work grupo case the initial load of information is manual.

          Q. Can you send me a procedure for product installation winapplive ?
. You can find a demo of the product installation on the following link (View Demo)

          Q. Can agents be installed in remote computers without user’s intervention? ?
             A. Yes, it is possible to do it from the console and simply clicking on the remote equipment.
          Q. Is the agent installed at the remote equipment visualized by the user ?
. It is not visible, but an advanced knowledge user may detect them.


          Q. For a network of more than 100 computers connected How many licenses need ?
             A. I can use the software on all workstations with ONE LICENSE.
          Q. I have a company with many subsidiaries, How many licenses need ?
. Will need a licence for each branch that you have within the branch no matter the number of computers.


          Q. At what specific problem you answer this software ?
 How much time is taken in tasks in front of the PC ?
                  How is software usage time distributed ?
                  Which is the most widely used software ?
                  Which is an individualīs or a departmentīs printing volume ?
                  Which printer is the most used by a person or a specific area ?
                  What time and what costs do chat sessions have in my organization ?
                  Are employees playing during work hours ?
                  Are programs being used to download music or software? – Band Width is never enough.
                  What are time and resources being spent in ?

          Q. What kind of reports I get from this product ?
             A. You can find a demo of the reports on the following link (View Demo)

          Q. In what language is available ?
             A. It is in English language, Spanish and Portuguese

          Q. Is it possible to administrate the console from any computer ?
             A. Yes it is possible, the requirement is to have Internet Explorer 6 or sup.


          Q. How can I see graphics correctly ?
             A. You should be able to see them correctly if you are using the latest Adobe Flash version

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